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Tool Review

Shaper Origin Tool Review

My impressions of this amazing tool.  The Shaper Origin is a hand held CNC and is a game changer.  I’ve got some criticisms during my first try.


  1. Where can we purchase this item? (Sharper Hand Held C N C Router?
    my email is [email protected] . Where is your subscription available at?

    Thank You,
    Frank Barker

  2. I really considered this tool (and my wife was on board !) but ended up buying a Carbide 3D Shapeoko CNC. I may consider this in the future, though, for larger projects. I am waiting to see more reviews. It is curious to me that Festool, who makes the motor, did not showcase this at either the Woodworking Machinery Show or the National Homebuilders show. They told me they are strictly developing the motor and the Shaper is taking it from there. Festool makes a good product and boosts my confidence in the success of the project.

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